Saturday, January 10, 2015

Maybe I should update this?

I never feel like I have anything much to say so I don't post here often (guess that's pretty obvious!) I thought maybe I would give it another try and post some of my layouts and other crafty things I like to do, like quilting and photography.
 Sun rises can be just as beautiful as sunsets on the prairies.
And a quilt that I made for my nephew's new baby. It was so much fun to do.

Friday, April 18, 2014

No Sunshine Today!

It's Good Friday, and past the middle of April and we are getting snow! Again, more of, still! Mother Nature teased us with some warm weather and now is torturing us. At least it isn't 40 below!
There is a blog hop going on at Turtle Soup. And they are doing a puzzle sketch challenge. You pick up pieces of a puzzle as you hop along to the different blogs, save them to your computer and then print them out to make up the sketch that they want you to use. Pretty cool, huh? I have done the hop, saved the puzzle pieces and now I need to go and print them off and see what the sketch is.
Because it's so crappy outside, I think I will stay in my nice warm house and possibly scrap the day away!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is it spring yet?

I am tired of waiting for spring.
On facebook my friend Julie hinted that I need to update my blog.
I did a few more layouts so I thought I would post them here so she can see that even though my mojo took a long holiday, I did find it for a little while and get something done!
I am almost at the end of my fulltime job contract and so will have more time at home again, that will be nice, especially for spring. I am thinking total revamping of my backyard garden would be a good thing to tackle this year, only, I have no idea where to start!
So here are the layouts I did in the past couple of days. Amanda loved running through the maze at the local garden center, Grandpa chased her through a couple of times I think, his chasing is done at a much slower pace than her running though! Then we had some posing for photos for Grandma of course. She is pretty good with posing for me now!

She is such a helper in the garden! I am not sure what she was attempting with the hoe, I don't think there were weeds on Grandpa's back, but what do I know?
This look was priceless! I had never seen it before this day! Wonder where she learned that one?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Actual glaciers,not snowbanks!

we drove by this little piece of snow that the sign said was a glacier, Les and one of the other guys decided that they needed to check it out alittle more closely. I had to put on my 70-250mm lenses to get in closer but left the faraway photos to show perspective!

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Some more photos

Jackson GlacierPosted by Picasa

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Mountains

There was the prettiest little waterfall behind the campgrounds in Waterton. I took about 100 photos of it from all different angles but this one shows almost all of it in one frame!

Then a couple of days later, we did the highway to the sun in Glacier Park, in the States. It took us pretty much the whole day, we started at 10 am and I think we were back at our campgrounds by about 5 pm. There was some construction going on so there were a couple of waits but there were also many places to stop and take little walks to see waterfalls and glacier creeks, I guess you would call them.


We were enjoying our first day of a long awaited holiday when my cell phone rang and interrupted a perfectly fine morning of coffee and beautiful scenery!! We were at Waterton National Park, away from work, phones, computers, and any other problems associated with them!! OR so we thought!! The first phone call came from dh's sister, where are you, are you okay, everything cool in your world?? Why do you ask, we say. Oh, just got an email saying you were in London and having some trouble and needing some money!! WHAT!!!! Well, that just threw my lovely holiday into a stress coated mind meltdown!!! Not only had someone taken over my email account, Hotmail had locked me out as well!! Which, I suppose, was a good thing at the time but it has taken me until tonight to convince them that I am the real person that belongs to this account. In the meantime I had started a new account and reasked all my friends on facebook to become my friends again because, facebook is hooked into your email and I was locked out of there as well!! We had many phone calls over this email, most of them from very concerned family members and friends. My biggest concern was that whoever got into my email could get into other things as well, and I had myself quite stressed over this for a day or 2. We finally got to a place where I could plug in my own computer and not use a WI-fi tower and I managed to set my mind at ease in regards to other things.

So now I am sort of back to where I was but with all my passwords changed and I hope a smarter outlook on how easy it was for someone to hack into my email. I will be much more cautious now about where I am when I log in!

Now, for some really pretty pictures: